Early Intervention - Birth to Age 3
  As you watch your child and see how he or she is growing, notice things like how soon he or she smiles, sits up, rolls over, or how well he or she talks, holds a spoon or feeds himself or herself. Children learn naturally during this time, by doing, by watching others and by being taught by you how to do different things.  Because you know your child so well, you might notice that he or she is growing or developing differently than another child.  While all children grow and change at their own rate, some children can experience delays in their development.  Sometimes this can be cause for concern.
  The five primary developmental areas are:

  • Physical development - ability to move, see, and hear 
  • Language and speech development - ability to talk, express needs 
  • Social and emotional development - ability to relate to others
  • Self-help (or adaptive development) - ability to eat, dress and take care of one self
  • Cognitive development - ability to think and learn.

​  If you think your child may have a delay in development, you should call Early Intervention Case Management for York and Adams Counties at the York Office (717) 771-9618 or the Hanover/Adams office at (717) 632-8040.  Or call the CONNECT Information and Referral number 800-692-7288 (outside the 717 area) and 657-6379 (in the 717 area).  The staff at these numbers will be able to assist you in finding out about early intervention services for your child.

  Early Intervention Services in Pennsylvania has services and supports designed to help families with children with developmental delays.  These services are available for all qualified applicants.

Educational Screening and Evaluation
  If you suspect that your child, age 3 to 21, may have learning difficulties or delays in development, where you seek help will first depend upon the age of the child. 

  If your child is between the ages of 3 and the beginning of school (usually age 5):

  • Call (888) 669-7735 to refer your child for a preschool evaluation and ask for the Lincoln Intermediate Unit (LIU) Preschool Referral Secretary.  
  • You will be asked for information over the phone.
  • An appointment will be scheduled for an evaluation.
  • The results will be explained.
  • If services are recommended, you will be involved in developing an educational plan for your child.
  • The preschool team will help you to transition to public school programs/services when your child is old enough to enter kindergarten.

 For school-aged children - kindergarten age up to 21:

  • Talk with your child's teacher/principal about your child's ability to learn.
  • The school may do screening, often referred to as Instruction Support Team (IST).
  • The school will ask your permission to formally evaluate your child, if appropriate.
  • If your child is evaluated and found to be eligible for services, provided by a Multidisciplinary Team (MDT), you will be asked to help develop an Individual Educational Plan (IEP).  An IEP describes the child's educational levels, strengths and needs, and spells out what specially designed instruction and services they will receive. 
  • Recommended services/programs can be provided directly by your school district or through your district in cooperation with the LIU.  Ask your school district for an explanation of their screening/referral process.

 If your child is 21 or older and you need services here is how we can help you find:

  • Socialization with Friday Fun Nights, Life Skills or Special Olympics
  • Get you in touch with York/Adams IDD/MH to fill a PUNS to qualify for services.
  • Help you explore employment opportunities
  • Plan for future living arrangements
  • Plan for the future


We are here to assist you, your child, and your family in numerous capacities and at every step of the way!     

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